5 Ways You Can Spice Up Any Room With Mirror Decor

Mirrors have always been on the how-to-make-your-space-seem-larger list, they look pretty easy to incorporate into any look you’re going for in your condo. But installing mirrors doesn’t just involve a flat mirror, screws, and a wall to put it on; it needs proper placement and a little creativity.

Here are 5 easy mirror decor ideas you can try in your own condo!

1 Aligned

Let’s go basic first; here’s a plain mirror—but not so plain at all.

In this dining area, a set of mirrored glass gives the illusion of a wide space while defining the area from the rest of the white bricked walls. Anticipating that the mirror would be too big for the elevator, the designers had it cut into two pieces. The cut is aligned with the top of the dining table, which in turn disguises the edge.

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mirror decor condoliving interior design

2 Beveled

Now get a little bolder and try a beveled mirror decor.

Upon entry to this mancave unit, the dining area steals every guests’ eyes. Against a blue wall is a mix of light-colored table top and warm-toned wooden chairs. On one side, a mirror installation composed of rectangular beveled mirrors is a departure from the usual flat mirrors, adding a touch of drama to the dining area while simultaneously elongating the entire living space.

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mirror decor condoliving interior design

3 Grid

You can also add another element such as metal or wood, to create a grid. This pattern mimics a window, so it makes the room look brighter and lighter.

In this dining area, a wall clad in black steel-framed mirror contrasts nicely with the warm wood table with light accents, giving an industrial but homey feel to this unit.

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mirror decor condoliving interior design

4 Framed

You can even have your mirror decor in different shapes and sizes; you just need to be creative and brave enough to try different styles—that’s how you make a plain mirror exciting, anyway.

One full wall of this unit is made into a cabinet wall that integrates the bar reminiscent of upscale hotel rooms, the owners’ wardrobe, and a desk. All these areas incorporate mirrors while continuing the contemporary style vision of the condo and meeting the owners’ need for ample storage space.

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mirror decor condoliving interior design

5 Rounded

Speaking of varying shapes and sizes, you can also opt for a mirror decor with a soft or rounded edge. This adds a little drama and a fluid flow for your chosen design style.

In this condo, the bed is furnished with an extended headboard that mirrors the sofa behind it to give additional privacy in the small condo. The built-in sofa continues to the wall shelf, where mirrors serve as backdrop to the owner’s toys, books, and other display.

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mirror decor condoliving interior design

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