IT’S POSSIBLE: This 80 Square Meter Condo Fits a Family of 8!

Beth* is a busy businesswoman and is mom of seven. Initially purchasing the condo for rental purposes, the big family turned this 80-something square meter unit into their new home. Tristan, Beth’s son, browsed through CondoLiving’s pages and found interior designer Mauro Nepomuceno, principal designer of MN Design Studio.

condoliving family of 8 condo mn design studio

 “We had to forgo the living and dining,” points out the interior designer who used the said space for the main highlight of the unit: a bedroom with custom bed fitouts.

“I want everyone here but I still want them to have their own space,” Beth points out. To address this, MN Design Studio added privacy through the curtains enclosing each bunk bed. So while some of the kids do their homework on the study table, some can rest peacefully with a tug of the curtains.

condoliving family of 8 condo mn design studio

While Beth admits that the space is small, she doesn’t mind as long as she and her kids are together.

MN Design Studio installed as much storage as possible in the space since it had a lot of occupants. Even the staircases function as pull-out drawers for the kids’ stuff. Each bunk bed is equipped with its own shelf, socket, and light switch.

condoliving family of 8 condo mn design studio

One thing Tristan requested was to make the master’s bedroom into a relaxing haven for their mom. Tristan told Mauro and his team that he and his siblings didn’t mind squeezing in a room together as long as their mother had a comfortable space of her own.

condoliving family of 8 condo mn design studio

This story first appeared in CondoLiving August 2017. Edits have been made for

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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