A 200-sqm Modern Contemporary Condo Fit For A Strong Woman

This 200-sqm condo is owned by a strong woman who knows who she is and is not apologetic about it. It is bold and welcoming yet striking but cozy. ” The unit has character and substance,” says the lady of the house. “It’s funny because [from the outside] you can see how old the building is but when you open the door, it’s totally different. You can’t imagine that there’d be a space like ours in a building like this. I think that gives our unit an added charm.”

If her unit were personified, the owner shares that it would be Angelina Jolie. “She’s very strong but at the same time all woman,” she says.

Before its transformation into a modern space, the unit had been compartmentalized (interior walls were aplenty) and outdated—a far cry from what the owner envisioned. Hence, she teamed up with interior designer Rock Robins to bring the unit up to date.

Teal armchairs from BoConcept sit against the wooden wall. “The house was built around it. I told Rock, ‘You really have to execute this.’ If there’s one thing I was sure of from the very beginning, it’s this wall. I was really hell bent on it.”

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“We had to re-layout everything,” says Robins of the former four-bedroom unit that now has a master bedroom, an entertainment room, and a den that converts into a guest room. “We had to knock down the walls to open the space up.”

The unit opens to a spacious living area. Possibly the most inspired space in the unit, the living area is a picture of modern contemporary coziness. Inside is an inviting and homey space, even though most of the the materials that we used are very masculine.

Directly across the entrance is a textured stone tile wall, accentuated by wood borders. “I used the same wood border in the den and the entertainment room, but with different textures in between,” says Robins.

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Further is the kitchen space and dining area. At the dining area is a dining set from Bo Concept who custom made the order based on the owner’s preferred upholstery and finishes.

“My style is really masculine, even more masculine than this,” says the owner. “It was Rock who really balanced it out. “

“I was very hands-on with everything although I had everything approved by Rock prior to purchasing,” she shares. “We have the same taste soI didn’t have a hard time executing everything because usually my ideas are his ideas also.”

Rock shares, “She didn’t want it girly, but modern and very clean. She wanted more grays, so we added touches of wood to make it homey.”

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Next to the dining area is the den that converts into a guest room with sliding doors that close off the space, and a sofa that converts into two single beds. Straight vertical lines are a recurring and defining element in the entire unit. Here, the mirrored black wall is divided into segments by wood borders to add character.

“My husband agreed that I would make the design decisions—just as long as I didn’t meddle with his theater room,” shares the lady of the house.

Further ahead is the master bedroom. The master bedroom is a story of simplicity with its monochrome palette and back-to-basics restraint. The custom side tables were built in using wood and black graphic coat glass. “If you saw old photos of how the unit used to look like, you wouldn’t have imagined that it could look like this! My in-laws couldn’t believe how it turned out when they saw it.”

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol. 10.3 2015. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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