A 110-sqm Crash Pad Designed For A Single Dad And His Two Sons

It’s clean, modern, minimalist, practical, and functional—five of the most overused words to describe the design of many spaces. But it isn’t cliché. Take the predominance of white; the cliché would be to say that in addition to making the area feel more spacious, the gallery-white walls showcase the owner’s collection of art. Another cliché would be to point out that the accent pieces, like the fire engine red filing cabinet/console by the dining area and the taxi-yellow floor lamp by the side table in the living area, provide additional pops of color to the space.

condoliving modern industrial condo

These were certainly the intentions of Jason Enriquez and Kristia Quirolgico when they designed this 110 square meter home for a well-travelled bachelor and his two sons. What isn’t cliché are the white aluminum grid work on the ceiling of the living area and dining area, the white brick wall that defines the living area, and across it, the white warehouse steel shelves holding up numerous boxes and bins organizing the owner’s and his boys’ stuff.

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condoliving modern industrial condo

Jason retained all the original partitions of the unit, but punched out an opening an opening in the wall between the kitchen and dining area. It’s a smart move that saves one from walking in and out of the kitchen when it’s time to serve food or put dishes away. At the same time, the wall keeps most of the kitchen noise, sights, and smells contained.

On the other side of the dining area are a few of the owner’s art collection, which includes works by a couple of young artists like Rodel Tapaya (upper left) and Botong Francisco, named after his grandfather, the National Artist (upper right). The empty frames reinforce the casual feel of the home. A sketch by Ang Kiukok takes the place of honor beside the entrance. Standing guard beside it is a black floor lamp that the owner brought from IKEA Singapore.

condoliving modern industrial condo

The dining table and the work desk in the boys’ room are designed by Jason, both made of scrap wood and flat steel bars. Jason hammered in additional pockmarks and etched some of the planks with an electrical saw to give it a more distressed finish. The reason, “Para hindi masyadong iniingatan.” The residents are all boys, after all, so no worries if they dent or scratch the wood, “because it’s all part of the look,” Jason explains.

Jason says he got the idea for the ceiling from the many airports he has gone through. “The aluminum grid comes in two-meter lengths, and it’s very easy to remove if you need to fix your lights or transfer them. When you’re done, you just snap the grid back to place.”

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condoliving modern industrial condo

The doors to the bedrooms and the boys’ bathroom bear a pleasant surprise—photos of the man of the house and his sons on their trips to London and New York. “We didn’t want to clutter the walls with pictures,” explains Jason. The photos are printed on sintra board and tacked onto doors with double-backed adhesive tape. It’s personalized, inexpensive and easy to replace.

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condoliving modern industrial condo

In the master bedroom, Jason used sintra board again, this time with a print of Jack Daniels black label. The wall sports the same white brick treatment as the living area, and an asymmetrical grouping of tin art that the owner brought home from New York. The bed is very masculine, with the steel bars and rivets painted black, and a headboard covered in black crocodile skin.

condoliving modern industrial condo

It would be an injustice to describe this modern industrial condo as functional, although these are its hallmarks. It is also fun and personal, urbane but pretentious, informal, lived-in, and somewhat unconventional. Mayhap lacking a woman’s touch. But who cares? If I were a boy, it would suit me just fine.

condoliving modern industrial condo

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol.10.3 2015. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com

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