Get A Better Night’s Sleep While Keeping Good Posture With These Pillows!

Medical science underlines that the ideal amount of sleep a person should get is at six to eight hours a day. But it’s not only the amount of sleep you’re getting that is important. It’s also significant to ensure you get a quality sleep at night to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Mr. Big is an international home brand that carries ergonomic pillows and other sleeping essentials based in Thailand. It recently launched here in the Philippines to help Filipinos improve their slumber with the ergonomic sleeping solutions they offer!

Mr. Big Pillow

Mr. Big’s founder is Chawakit Kaoien, a licensed physical therapist from Bangkok, Thailand. “To improve the condition of my patients, as well as their quality of life, I would arrange their sleeping positions for various purposes. It’s to reduce pressure and soreness, to ease pain, and to promote blood circulation, to allow heart-failure patients to sleep better,” he shares.

The first homemade pillow Mr. Big created is the brand’s signature “9” pillow which garnered a Design Excellence Award in 2013. The “9” pillow is an ergonomic solution which helps users maintain good posture even while sleeping on their sides.

Mr. Big Pillow

Aside from the 9 Pillow, Mr. Big also carries other pillow products and sleeping essentials such as bed toppers, duvet covers and blankets, memory foam pillows, and even mattresses.

Mr. Big Pillow

The pillows Mr. Big offers are filled with Elasta Fiber. It is an imported material from the UK that provides a strong cushioning and is washable at the same time. The cotton pillow cases are also hypoallergenic, and dust mite-resistant to help you snooze more soundly!

“I am honored to have Philippines join us in making everybody in the world sleep better, happier, and in ergonomic comfort,” Chawakit concludes. The brand recently opened in SM Makati and is now available exclusively in all SM Home stores nationwide. 

For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram @mrbigpillow

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