MUJI is opening their first hotel in Shenzhen and Beijing China this month. MUJI Hotel is exactly what you’d expect to be. The whole look and design of the hotel follows Muji’s core design principles: simple and minimalist. According to the Japanese brand established in 1979, MUJI Hotel is a place where “you can fully enjoy MUJI products and services.”

The hotel will be fully functioning with a gym, a wellness facility, and a 24-hour library with 650+ books. Of course, restaurant will also open in the hotell. Muji Diner will be serving up dishes with locally sourced ingredient and served on (you guessed it) Muji dinnerware. A shop will be selling any product you’d want to take home from the Muji Hotel. If you don’t have time or money to visit this Muji mecca, here’s on how you can achieve the Muji Hotel look in your space!

1 Embrace Warm Woods

The hotel has 79 rooms decked with super cold woods. Rome types come in 5 variations (Type A-Type E) The rooms are full of Elm, Ash, Oak, Maple wooden tones.

Muji Hotel, Muji Hotel interiors, Muji, China Hotel

2 Stick to Plain Linens

The Muji Hotel obviously uses bedsheets, covers, and duvets from Muji’s main home line. If you want the Muji look in your home, incorporate white and gray linens.

Muji Hotel, Muji Hotel interiors, Muji, China Hotel

3 Go for A Neutral Palette with a Hushed Pop

Given the brand’s very minimalist nature, the colors of the hotel are kept very muted. The wooden finishes are matched with monochromes, but are given a pop with hushes tones of yellows and blues.

Muji Hotel, Muji Hotel interiors, Muji, China Hotel

4 Opt for Stone Finishes in The Bathroom

The bathrooms in the Muji Hotel come in dark lava stone finishes, for that very organic and natural feel. The accessories in the bathroom are all organic and handwoven pieces.

Muji Hotel, Muji Hotel interiors, Muji, China Hotel

5 Go All Muji

Love those mini hand soaps and lotions hotel have? You’ll love Muji Hotel’s selection even more. The bathroom will be filled with Muji branded items. The glassware, the lampshades, everything are items Muji has been selling in the past.

Muji Hotel, Muji Hotel interiors, Muji, China HotelMuji Hotel, Muji Hotel interiors, Muji, China Hotel

6 Consider the Dining

The hotel will also feature a restaurant called MUJI Diner. Aside from locally sourced ingredients, MUJI will be serving the food on their dinnerware + flatware! To incorporate this in your space, opt for simple, clean and minimalist plates. Wooden bowls and pastel plates are the best to get that rustic and simple-living feel!

muji hotel