Need Coffee? Get Your #BedWeather Caffeine Fix Here!

The rainy season is finally here! With the onset of the #bedweather season, slurping a bowl of ramen or drinking a hot cup of choco is a perfect way to warm up a cold stomach/heart (#SorryNotSorry). If you’re craving for a good cup of coffee and from the South, get your fix at Need Coffee located in BF Homes, Parañaque.

Alabang Coffee Shop

Need Coffee is a brainchild of barista Daniel Roque, who won first place at the 2016 Philippine Aeropress Championship. “From there, my best friend approached me and said that we should put up a coffee shop together,” Daniel says. A year after the competition, Need Coffee was born.

This coffee shop is not like the other regular cafes in the South. Need Coffee serves specialty coffee, whether you like your cup hot or cold. “We’re pretty much known for our constant selection of guest beans and rotating guest roasters,” shares Daniel.

Alabang Coffee Shop

Prices ranging from P80 to P180, coffee lovers may grab their caffeine fix for a very affordable amount. Need Coffee also carries unique pastries like the Salted Egg Brazo, which is best paired with a good cup of their coffee.

Alabang Coffee Shop
A must-try is the Latte (P160) which is available hot or cold, and the Coffee Shake (P200)

“We want our shop to be easy to approach and engaging enough to be at par with the rest of the specialty coffee shops,” Daniel states. Need Coffee’s interiors are a mix of modern and industrial—which together make up a cozy ambiance inside. It was designed and built by architect and interior designer Chris and Gigi Chung, following the owners’ design direction. Alabang Coffee Shop

Need Coffee’s ambiance is simple and relaxed, just as its coffee selections and interiors. “We wanted the shop to be friendly; industrial but not too cold. Most importantly, we wanted the shop to be simple,” explains Daniel. With its open layout and relaxed ambiance, customers can enjoy a good cup of coffee at Need Coffee with their friends or family. It’s also a good place to stay at during the rainy season, or for students looking for a spot to study quietly.

Alabang Coffee Shop

“We want to be the springboard to unique ventures in coffee. I want our customers to experience coffee. I want them to be able to enjoy specialty coffee without pretension,” concludes Daniel.

Visit Need Coffee located at 252B Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City, open from 7AM to 11PM daily. Follow them on Instagram @needcoffeeph

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