A Couple’s 92-sqm Pinoy Modern Condo in Cebu Celebrates Filipino Design!

Interior Designer Rock Robins proves to his Cagayan de Oro based clients that you can bake your cake and eat it too! Frequent travelers to Cebu and Manila for business, the owner couple tapped on Rock to design this 92-sqm condo unit in Cebu to serve as their home base in the city. Proud to claim that he is “true blooded Cebuano,”

Rock took this opportunity to showcase local talent and primarily used furniture pieces and accessories native to his island province. The unit can easily be described as Pinoy Modern with its combination of wood, geometric elements and eclectic color mix.

Upon entering, the eye will immediately be drawn to the beautiful Vito Selma Hanako coffee table for the living room, its geometric accent pattern against the dark wood surface a sure-fire conversation piece that attests to Cebuano design talent and superb craftsmanship. On the opposite wall, understated shelves on white and brown provide stylish storage space while enclosing the TV and entertainment system.

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The walls are horizontally-striped wood with differing hues of brown accented with recessed circular mirrors in varying sizes for a modern touch. The turquoise and mustard colors used for the throw pillows are unexpected yet refreshing, adding a modern vibrancy to the tropical home.

Rock also used world-renowned Cebu designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s Amaya dining table and wooden chairs for the dining area, elevating the dining experience while enjoying delicious local cuisine.

There are two bedrooms in the unit and both continue the use of wood and turquoise elements found throughout the living spaces to give one consistent look despite being separate areas. One of the bedrooms has suspended ceiling lights instead of the traditional table lamps, which allow for more space on the bedside table.

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There is a vibrancy pervading this home away from home—exactly the way the client wanted it when she expressed her vision for something homey, modern, but different. Undoubtedly, this is a space where work and pleasure will happily mingle and intermix as its owner conducts business or enjoy holidays in the beautiful Queen City of the South.

This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2016 Vol. 11.3. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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