Prints And Patterns Take The Spotlight In This Laidback Condo By Primea Design!

We’ve seen how a condo could look prior an overhaul, and they’re typically in bad shape. Every condo renovation story we’ve heard has a dark and drab past. While there are those that simply upgraded in style, there are those that underwent a drastic change—and this unit is one of them.

Upon entry of this unit, one would not imagine that this bright and luxurious space was previously dark, cramped, and full of leaks. This 120-sqm condo nestled on the ground floor of a condominium complex in BGC has transformed its dilapidated interiors into a bright and cozy living space.

condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

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The Cinderella-esque transformation of the unit is all thanks to Primea Design Group Co., led by interior designer Karl Dioso. The design team shares that the condo’s owner is a family friend of a previous client based in Cebu, who then referred them to flip this condo. According to interior stylist Mark Pecayo of Primea Design, they coordinated with the clients mostly through phone calls and emails as they are based in Cebu.

“Originally, when the client acquired the unit, it’s already renovated. The old unit was dark and cramped, so we wanted the new unit to be bright and airy. At the same time, contemporary,” shares Mark.

The end user of this unit is the clients’ daughter. Karl shares that she wanted her space to be bright, clean, cozy, and laidback—an escape from her tedious work as an engineer. The team opted for Scandinavian style, with hints of tropical and luxe.

condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

The unit renovation didn’t happen overnight. The overhaul took eight months, as the project involved major changes inside the unit. Mark shares that they normally take 3-4 months doing a condo unit this size, but the demolition and construction works for this one took them some time.

To make the unit brighter and more airy, they opened up the whole living space and exposed the ceiling, which gave them more height and more room to place a stunning chandelier in the living room. They also used stucco bricks and switched the old narra-esque shade flooring to new tiles.

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The kitchen also underwent major changes during the renovation. Previously in L-shaped layout to separate it from the living area, the kitchen is now an open area that extends to the dining space.  By the kitchen is a reflective black wall that makes a clean and sleek backdrop for the dining area, which is actually the laundry and storage area! The team chose a reflective surface for the wall so it also functions as a full-length mirror, replacing the typical mirror placed by the entryway where the client can check her #ootd before going out.

condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

The guest room currently occupied by the unit owner’s brother features a lot of storage space. A wall cabinet (to which the study table is attached), a side table, and open floating shelves were added for extra storage. The compact room also has a pull-out bed for when their parents visit.

condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

Storage is an essential part of the unit since the owner wants a clean and easy to maintain space. She also has  a growing collection of bags and shoes so the design team customized built-ins around the unit to accommodate them.

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condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

While the palette throughout the unit remains neutral to make the it bright and clean, the accessories amp up the style with varied prints, patterns, and textures. “Since the Scandinavian style has a lot of wood elements, we incorporated a bit of tropical vibe with the plants, as well as prints and patterns on the accessories. If the client wants to turn it into pure Scandinavian look, she can just change the accessories,” explains Mark.

“With the predominantly neutral color palette, you can easily change the style based on what’s been trending. So, the client has the freedom to customize her space as much as she wants,” Gelo shares.

condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

For the master bedroom, the owner requested for a laidback, not-too-feminine look. “The color palette is just as requested. Kind of pink but not too much, so we just balanced it off by using copper and a few touches of gray to keep the Scandi feel,” explains Karl. At the foot of the bed is a storage unit for all her designer bags and shoes, while her workspace takes the space between the bed and the entry to the walk-in closet.

condoliving primea design scandinavian renovation

The designers share that their clients gave them the freedom to choose the materials and accessories for the unit. “So what we do is we pre-select the items that we’ll use in the design, we give them 2-3 options, then we let them decide which ones we should go with,” explains Mark.  The design team tied up with Q Living Manila, an offshoot of Primea Design Group Co., where they sourced most of the accessories and lighting fixtures for the unit.

Mark says that the unit is a collaboration with the client. “It’s more fun working with people who really shows enthusiasm and cooperation in the process. We understand better what they really like when they get vocal. So that gives us more direction if this or that is too much or lacking,” he concludes.

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