Here’s What You Should Have In Your Reading Nook!

Reading is one of those hobbies that people like to really get lost into; but, sometimes it’s hard to focus and absorb whatever you’re reading when you’re reading in your bed or on your sofa. That’s why reading nooks are created! Reading nooks separate you from the rest of your space, and they’re especially made for reading so you can get immersed in your reading more. But how do you make one? The book is given, of course. Now here’s a short list of items you should have in your reading nook!

1 | The Perfect Seating

While you can lie down while reading, it’s not the best position to read books. Remember the reading posture you were taught early in your pre-school or grade school years? That still applies even today to avoid neck and back pain. Find the perfect spot in your space where you can set up a comfy couch or a bench. Make sure your seat has a backrest!

condoliving hacks reading nook

2 | Lights And Sound

Create a reading nook that has ample light—not too bright that it hurts your eyes, but not too dim that you had to squint and get cross-eyed. If you have a spot by the window with a generous amount of light in day time, you can set up your nook there. If you don’t have that or if you prefer to read in the evening, you can always use a reading lamp.

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condoliving hacks reading nook

Another thing, some readers prefer to have a quiet time while curling up with a book, others like to have a serene background music. If you’re the first kind, you can install sound-proofing or choose a reading nook that is far from any noise like the street or the neighbors next door. For those who identify with the second, it’s a must to have a music player! Whether it’s your smartphone, your CD player, or your record player, have them on stand-by.

3 | Cushion And Blanket

Aside from the cushion in your seat, you can also add a throw pillow or something you could use to help ease your back from that long-haul read-athon. A throw blanket comes in handy when it’s #sweaterweather.

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condoliving hacks reading nook

4 | Shelves And Tables

Take care of your books; give them a home of their own. Simply setting them aside on one crazy corner of your unit will hasten the wear and tear, more so if you’re frequently picking up your favorite books after reading them for the hundredth time.

Have a desk or at least a side table where you can put down your current read, those you’ve crossed off from your reading list, or those you are yet to read. You can also turn that table into a snack corner for when you’re too engrossed in your book that you can’t get up to get food or water.

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condoliving hacks reading nook

5 | Food And Beverage

This one’s optional, but we think it’s a must-have! Who doesn’t love food, anyway? But seriously, this is essential, especially to those pulling an all-nighter just to finish that page-turner novel. Or those who are too afraid to traverse that dark path to the kitchen in the middle of the night after reading that thriller.

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