6 Budget-Friendly Tips from This 77-sqm Rental Condo

Designed by interior designer Lianne Lim, this 77-sqm rental condo is owned by condo flipper Daisyrry. As a person who often has several rental units, Daisyrry has long been working with Lianne to upgrade her rental condos. With her client’s personality in mind, Lianne created a cozy and inviting space that she knew her client would like. After all, it would be hard for the owner to sell something she didn’t like.

Here are 6 tips to learn from this client-designer duo and their recent rental condo project together.

1 Accessorize, Don’t Renovate

If you don’t want a full renovation or have a limited budget yet want to give your space a ton of style, accessorize the space instead. Stick with your unit’s given flooring and general finishes to lessen wasted materials.

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2 Paint is the Cheapest Way to “Renovate”

If you want to give your space personality, painting your walls is the cheapest way to do so. In this rental condo, the interior designer painted the different rooms in different colors to give each a unique look.

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3 Lighting Is Always Important

Since the entertaining spaces of the unit was deprived of natural light (the bedrooms are located near the windows) the designer incorporated a lot of lights in the rental condo’s living and dining area.

4 Ventilation is too!

Since the unit lacked the space to accommodate more air conditioning units, the designer installed exhaust fans on top of the bedrooms (where the aircons are) to push the air into the living and dining room of the rental condo.

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5 Use Paint To Separate Spaces

In one of the bedrooms, Lianne installed a window-seat bed to maximize the small space. In order to further separate the bed from the study area and closet space of the bedroom, Lianne painted the walls spanning the length of the bed in a different color.

6 Make Your Furniture Dual-Purpose by Placing Them in the Right Place

The study table in the two small bedrooms also double as a nightstand.