Get The Finest Of Indigenous And Local Products From Rustan’s Until June 22!

Rustan’s showcased on June 6 the finest of Philippine crafts by indigenous communities from across the country. In celebration of the Philippine’s 120th Independence Day, the exhibit highlights the rich cultures and techniques of local artisanry.

Displayed on the Home Department of Rustan’s Makati are colorful handmade textiles, fashion wear, and home accessories. These weaved textiles, wood carved sculptures, and embroideries all sprung from the indigenous communities’ century-old techniques. See these stylish and proudly Pinoy-made products that highlight local design techniques from Rustan’s Filipiniana Home Department:


The “natural dye makers” of Abra popularly known as the Tingguians create weavings and embroideries using organic dyes extracted from plants, leaves, fruits. The richly-colored woven textiles they produce can beautify any space of the any Filipino home.

Rustan's Filipiniana


Available for sale in Rustan’s exhibit are woven baskets, bags, wallets, and hats produced by artisans from Antique. All products were braided and weaved using buri palms, a technique passed on from generations to generations.

Rustan's Filipiniana


While best known for their breathtaking rice terraces, the Ifugaos are also popular for their wood carving techniques. Their artworks are often associated with rituals and granary guardians called bulul. The Ifugaos also make use of their own dyeing technique for their textile products called ikat. Fabrics such as blankets and clothes undergo several months of ikat dyeing in achieving their unique design patterns and colors.

Rustan's Filipiniana

Local delicacies are also available for sale at Rustan’s Makati. Customers can taste the food products of local concessionaires such as Vicky’s Pili Nuts, Mushroom Chicharon, Theo and Philo Chocolates, and Gourmet Tuyo.

Don’t miss Rustan’s Filipiniana Festival that runs from June 6 to June 22 in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry.

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