This Condo Blends Rustic and Contemporary Style in A Small Space

Ernest Valencia used to rent a unit in Makati but after establishing a stable career, the bachelor yearned for a living space he could call his own. The owner’s main priority when choosing the property? A pet-friendly condo because he has a seven-year-old shih tzu named Blake. “Blake really is the priority. Otherwise, I’ll look for another condo where I can have the dog,” adds the homeowner. He purchased this unit located in Taguig which he has now turned into both his office and living space.


To help him redesign the space according to his needs and lifestyle, the owner tapped his friend Bryant Cuison of William Brothers Inc. After five months of renovating, the condo now exudes a contemporary look through its sleek interior finishes characterized by clean lines, modern furniture pieces, and neutral color scheme. “We just wanted the space to be timeless, warm, and cozy. I didn’t want to follow any specific trend which has the tendency to look passé after a few years,” explains architect Macky Corpuz who led the renovation.

This Condo Blends Rustic and Contemporary In A Tight Space

The design team chose a neutral color scheme in light blue, gray, and light oak accents to make Ernest’s art pieces stand out. “The idea was to create a sort of canvas or backdrop for these pieces. We chose to add pops of color with the throw pillows and chair in the living room to serve as accents, picking up tones from the artworks themselves,” the designers explain.

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In the living room, to break the monotonous color of the sofa and rug, the designer utilized the owner’s art collection as the living room’s accent pieces. On the side table is a sculpture by Glenn Cagandahan. Serving as the unit’s centerpiece is a Christian Tamondong painting with a Blake hidden in the abstract painting.

condo, Condo BGC, William Brothers Interior Design, Condo Manila

The bedroom exudes a masculine vibe through its deep blue bed cover and geometric wallpaper backdrop. On the bed is the cute and fuzzy seven-year-old shih tzu Blake.

condo, Condo BGC, William Brothers Interior Design, Condo Manila


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