Here’s Why You Should Consider LiFi For Your Internet Connection

In spite of the collective efforts of the government and various telecommunications companies in the country, Philippine internet users still experience slow and generally unreliable connection, whether wired or wireless. According to Ookla Speedtest, the country dropped a notch from August to September in terms of internet speeds. The causes vary from limited signal range, congested radio frequencies, to the easily penetrable security, which may be solved by installing more cellular sites, upgrading to 5G, limiting the number of users, or switching to the LiFi technology.

condoliving signify lifi internet connection

Light Fidelity or LiFi (term coined by Professor Harald Haas at his 2011 TED Global Talk) uses the broader spectrum of light waves to transmit and receive data wirelessly. With LiFi-enabled LED bulbs, data can be transmitted by the quick flickering of the light—like Morse code signals sent using a flash light, only that it’s too quick for human eyes to detect.

The LiFi technology has been around for quite some time now, but the Philippines is yet to experience it. Signify, the company that makes and markets the Philips Lighting brand of luminaires, introduced the technology to the local market on November 2018. With LiFi-enabled luminaires from Signify, you get excellent light quality as well as a stable and fast two-way broadband connection of 30Mbps – sufficient speed to make a video call and download and play two HD movies simultaneously.

Should you consider having this technology in your condo? Here’s why you should:

1 | Alternative Connection

Radio frequencies are becoming congested, while the visible light spectrum remains as an untapped resource. LiFi then is ideal as an alternative connection, or as a complementary technology to existing WiFi. It is also an optimal alternative in areas that are sensitive to radio frequencies or areas that have poor or no WiFi signal.

2 | Reliable Network

A stable data rate per each user provides robust, reliable, wireless communication. With LiFi, approximately 1,000 times the data density of WiFi is processed per square meter, an important factor for wireless efficiency.

condoliving signify lifi internet connection

3 | Secure

LiFi technology adds an extra layer of security as light cannot pass through solid walls. Besides, to connect to LiFi, you need your device to be in the pool of light created by the LED luminaire and to have a personalized USB access key (dongle).

4 | Scale

LiFi takes up to 15 users within the coverage beam of one light point. With seamless handover between one luminaire to the other, you can move around without losing connection.

5 | Seamless

We all dread the addition of an electronic contraption that breaks the integrity of a design. Good thing this technology can be integrated in to whatever design genre. LiFi addresses three modern design requirements rolled into a single product—lighting for your interiors, a stable, reliable, and secured internet connection, and a more cohesive space that remains faithful to your chosen design.

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