5 Simple And Subtle Ways To Let The Christmas Spirit In Your Condo

The nights are longer and the breeze is more chilling than ever. Christmas is definitely just around the corner, and the festive spirit has began to fill the air. Malls, parks, and other public spaces are all decked with Christmas lights, lanterns, and dioramas. However, your condo is still the same regular space, because you either dread taking out all the decor items from their boxes and putting them away again when the holidays end, or can’t find the will to decorate it with all the tacky décor—or both. We totally understand your sentiments, so here’s a list of understated and uncomplicated Christmas decorating solutions you can try in your humble condo without the fuss!

1 | Lights And Lanterns

Christmas or not, these lights give any space an instant glow. This might even be an obvious choice, since it’s been a trend in interior decoration for the past years, at least with Millennials. However, instead of simply hanging the string lights on the wall or by the window, place them in lanterns with Christmas balls or stars, pine cones, or a tiny winter village. This way, the lights won’t look like a regular décor, plus it’s easier to put away.


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2 | Tree On Print

In more compact spaces where putting up a Christmas tree is a slim chance, we suggest having a version of it in print form, like in a tapestry. With this version, you no longer need to buy ornaments and assemble the tree yourself. Plus, you can just roll it up when Christmas is over. Or even have a different print on the other side for other celebrations.


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3 | Post It

Taking inspiration from the previous décor idea, you can also print out or cut out images or texts that relates to Christmas, like a photograph of a snowy field, old greeting cards, or a line from a Christmas carol. Add a few more touches of the holiday spirit with tiny bundles of pine leaves.


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4 | Mirror Wreath

Another idea to try is a mirror wreath, if you don’t want to buy the ready-made Christmas wreaths from the department store. Find an existing mirror in your condo, it can be your vanity mirror or your full-length mirror in the living area. Decorate the outlines of the mirror with pine leaves or even eucalyptus leaves. Finish it with ribbons and other ornaments to spice it up a little.


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5 | Advent Calendar

Last on the list is an advent calendar, or your customized countdown calendar to Christmas. We recommend having one as it can be three things at once: a calendar, a décor, and a pile of gifts. Although there are advent calendars that are simply calendars, we suggest you go for the gift version so you won’t have to wrap separate gifts to your friends, family, or your godchildren. Place them in one of your shelves to save space!


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