This Is How A Condo Fully Renovated In Just 3 Weeks Look Like!

For interior designers, renovation projects can be utterly unpredictable. While most home renovations take between four to twelve months to finish, it all boils down to how big the space is or how major the renovation will be. Interior designer Rock Robins has recently met his most challenging client yet, whose request was to renovate a 64-sqm unit in Makati in a span of only three weeks.

condoliving modern renovated condo

The client is an expatriate from a neighboring Southeast Asian country who currently has businesses here in Manila. Being an expat in a foreign country, he chose to live in a condo unit for the meantime where he could enjoy both security and convenience. Before the client settled in Manila, he reached out to Rock through his website seeking out for help in the renovation of his unit.

“Time was our biggest challenge. We only had three weeks to finish everything from design to execution,” shares Rock.

“That time frame already included creating design perspectives, coordinating with suppliers, sourcing the items, and construction.” With a blank canvas to work on, the design team proceeded with the time-bound renovation following the client’s design wishes.

condoliving modern renovated condo

The unit owner wanted to have a Singapore Modern design style, which the designer describes as sophisticated look characterized by clean lines and mixture of cool and tan shades. “We really wanted to do something modern yet homey,” states Rock. “However, the timeline for move-in for this condo prevented us from doing major construction.”

For the unit, Rock’s design team was able to make minor upgrades such as adding textured wallpapers in the living area and bedroom and incorporating tile backsplash in the kitchen.

Since the team was limited by time, they sought out for furniture pieces that were readily available in the market. However, they could not find some of the items that would fit into the theme they wanted to achieve. “We couldn’t find the specific size and design we wanted for the sofa and dining table in the market. Luckily, with the help of furniture manufacturer Casa De Dios, the pieces were made ready in just two weeks,” he shares.

condoliving modern renovated condo

The client also required a small office space, which the team built by the living room. For the bedroom, the client only requested for blackout curtains as he is mostly asleep during daytime. After three weeks of rushing with the renovation, the blank unit was transformed into a modern contemporary one exactly as the client wanted. Rock’s design team used a lot of neutrals yet with geometric patterns to reflect the client’s masculine personality. “He was very happy with the design. So he put his complete trust in my design studio to execute it and I’m happy we were able to deliver,” shares Rock.

condoliving modern renovated condo

“I would never have thought I will be able to finish a unit like this in three weeks. But the client had the right budget so we were able to speed up all the processes. So if you want to move in faster, you must be willing to pay for it,” concludes Rock. Thanks to the design team’s intensive efforts, the client was able to move in his temporary home in the metro right away while attaining every single thing in his design wish list.

condoliving modern renovated condo

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s June 2018 issue. Edits were made for

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