Here’s 10 Of The Coolest And Coziest Mancave Condos We’ve Seen So Far!

More often than not, females rule when it comes to designing or decorating a home or specific living spaces, and males are left to take charge only on his man cave or his designated area in the house. But, in this list, we highlight the mancave condos (also referred to as manspace or mantuary) that got our oohs and awws and whoas. Here are top 10 of the coolest and coziest mancave condos we’ve seen yet!

1 | White And Primary Colors

This bold and bright mancave condo is home to a bachelor dad and his two sons, and we’re jealous of their cool space! While the living spaces are predominantly white, pops of red, blue, and yellow are carefully integrated, instantly boosting the unit’s style.

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2 | Some Nordic Vibe

This mancave here is made for a really busy man. The unit’s designer, who is also the owner’s cousin, made the space airy and bright to make it feel more like a sanctuary, or in this case, a mantuary! The cool, neutral color palette is complemented with warm wood accents and furniture pieces and hints of blue and greenery.

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3 | The Rugged And Rustic

Here’s one for the industrial style aficionado! Brick accent wall, exposed plumbing, subway tiles, and cement finishes complete the Brooklyn vibe in this industrial loft. Against the cold cement finish is the warmth of the “bricks” and “worn out” decor and furniture pieces.

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4 | Taking Cues From The 50s

For some modern manly and cosmopolitan vibes, here’s a cross between minimalism and mid-century modern design styles. This condo easily spells gentlemanly and speakeasy with its carefully curated pieces and features. We definitely want to have the same speakeasy and cozy set up!

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5 | Eclectic With Hints Of Sporty

Any Millennial who sees this condo will definitely wish it’s his! The unit’s eclectic-sporty style easily jives with men who are always on-the-go or those who like to keep an active and fun lifestyle. The unit features bright and open floor living spaces (save for the kitchen that’s boxed with glass to keep the smell from taking over the unit) with the warmth of wood and bursts of color.

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6 | Scandinavian-Meets-Jetsons

This mancave condo doesn’t just have the unique layout and looks, it also makes use of a common material in an interesting way. The wooden accents in the condo are made of plywood stuck together,  sanded down to create a smooth surface, then made into what now look like sculptural forms. Isn’t that cool?

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7 | Minimalist And Quirky

Every nook and cranny of this condo is a sight to behold, and is completely DIY-ed by the owner. If you’re not sold on the owner’s living area, check out his sleek kitchen or maybe his bedroom—even the gallery wall is Instagram-worthy as well! We just can’t decide which is the best looking area here, so you decide when you see it.

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8 | Dreamy And Budget-Friendly

This Scandinavian style mancave condo looks larger than it actually is (it’s only 35 square meters!), and easy to maintain with its minimal and clean design. It’s also bright and cozy thanks to the glass divider that allows light to permeate the whole unit without sacrificing the owner’s privacy.

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9 | Eclectic Industrial Loft

Mike Carandang’s eclectic industrial loft’s main inspiration was old New York warehouses, reminiscent of his life in the U.S. It’s a feast of cool textures and patterns, and pieces from Mike’s travels as well as a careful curation of his interior designer’s pieces. As Mike said, “It’s masculine, it’s quirky, it’s me.”

Space Encounters

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10 | Bali in Makati

This Asian-inspired corner unit gives its owner a stunning 180 degree view of Manila: planes landing and taking off on one side, and the Manila pier on the other. The openness of the whole unit is complemented by large lighting fixtures, furniture pieces, and an array of decor pieces sourced locally and all around Asia. Wood is also the unifying element in the whole loft.

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