Tour Inside this Young Couple’s Renovated 55-sqm Shabby Chic Condo

Typically associated to femininity, the shabby chic look was pulled off by this couple in their quaint 55-square meter condo in BGC. Former fashion designer Macy and banker John Paul Tan made this shabby chic condo possible with Jen So-Hu of Sohu Designs, the lead designer was a classmate of Macy from college.

Macy knows her thing, and has long envisioned her dream home—a space with classic furniture, a full kitchen, and a tufted bed—the makings of a shabby chic condo. “By the time we purchased the condo, I have been accumulating things that are classic and vintage in style. I’ve always thought that I’d go for a traditional country kind of style,” Macy shares.

Sohu Designs, led by Jen So Hu and assisted by Diane Ibañez, adapted the pegs and added touches coherent to the shabby chic look Macy wanted. Within four months of renovation, the Sohu Design team was able to make a very shabby chic condo. “I tried to incorporate classic furniture and pieces to go well with the space and we also fused Sohu Designs element like wood, we tried to marry the two concepts together,” explains Diane.

The fully equipped kitchen that is a non-negotiable for Macy who loves cooking and baking. Adjusted to fit in a 55-square shabby chic condo unit, all the furniture in the kitchen to the bedroom, were made by Home Matters.

The design team used dark wood on top of the coffee and dining tables and on the legs of the seats in the dining and living areas. They also placed neutral-colored sofa and cabinetry to offset the feminine feel of the shabby chic fashion.

In the master bedroom, the young couple has a shabby chic escape. The bathroom in the master bedroom carries the same shabby chic feel. The design team installed wood-printed tiles for that rustic vibe.

“I’m really happy with how it turned out. Especially I learned a lot from them. If ever I build my own house, I want them to get them and work with them again. I’m looking forward to that,” Macy concludes.

This story first appeared on CondoLiving magazine November 2017. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.Com.

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