Get Rid Of That Pesky Trash Bin Odor With This Cheap and Simple Trick!

Taking out the trash is probably one of your least favorite household chores. Doing it on a daily basis is tedious, and is all the more appalling due to the unpleasant stench that comes with it. FACT: Nobody wants to smell bad trash can odors.

Your trash bins contain the mixture of spoiled food, fruits, or meals from your fridge, dust and grimes from your floors and ceilings, and other scraps from your unit, so it really is likely for an unpleasant odor to emit off it.

Splurging on new trash cans every three months is uneconomical and discouraged, unless you want to further add to the already billion tons of total waste in the world. Consider doing this simple cleaning trick to eliminate odor from your waste bins! After lining your trash can with a trash bag, add baking soda in it.

Why Baking Soda?

Baking soda can work wonders at home. A box of baking soda is a pretty great cleaning agent for just about anything—from getting rid of fridge odors, removing coffee stains, cleaning silverware, and smoothening house surfaces!

Just like how baking soda absorbs odors in your fridge, baking soda can eliminate stench off your waste bins as well! Prevent nasty smells from generating in your trash can by sprinkling a good amount of baking soda directly on the bottom before putting in a trash bag.

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If you do not have the time to take out your trash on a daily basis due to your busy schedule, give your waste bins a splash of baking soda. That should keep any stench at bay until you have the time to take it out (just don’t keep the spoiled trash inside your unit for more than a week, baking soda will take the smell off the trash but it won’t take the trash out).

Whether made of plastic or metal, trash cans get inevitably grimy and greasy after some time. Baking soda can also cast its witchcraft in removing the soots and grimes out of your trash cans even after stubborn germs and stenches have seeped inside it. Just mix in a cup of baking soda with water and use it for rinsing to eliminate odors from your trash bins. Don’t forget to squirt in some bleach or soap to help eliminate germs and bacteria as well! With this simple trick, your trash cans or waste bins can look and smell as good as new!

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