Here’s How Veronica Lodge’s Condo Would Look Like Today

Veronica Lodge is one of the main characters in the famous American Archie Comics. Now adapted by The CW into Riverdale, a chilling series that takes after the comics.  Known for being the richest girl in Riverdale and heiress of the Lodge Industry, Veronica is pretty, sexy, ruthless, popular and the ultimate fashionista. With these predominant Veronica characters in mind, interior designer Iriss Mangio’s goal is to translate Veronica’s personality and to create a stylish condo, despite the limitations in space.


The kitchen is sectioned off with black, tinted tempered glass to create a nice division between the kitchen and the closet. Classy, chic-print details on the tile backsplash and flooring tastefully accentuate the wooden shelves and kitchen cabinets. There’s even a Prada Marfa and a Twiggy art piece hanging in the main area of Veronica’s condo.

Veronica Lodge Condo

With Veronica’s iconic Pop Culture trademark, the designer played with sleek and colourful palettes that complement rose quartz in stylish details.

Veronica Lodge Condo

Veronica Lodge is known for her love for fashion and shopping so the designer made the living and dining areas minimal to make enough space for her built-in closet and shelves. As for the bed area, a tufted headboard adds a classic and timeless touch.The walls are in bold colours, which enhance the paintings and the rose quartz accessories while at the same time reflecting Veronica’s alpha personality.


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