Going Wardrobe Shopping? Here’s 5 Tips You Have To Remember!

Choosing your outfit of the day is a serious business, but choosing the perfect wardrobe is even more serious. Your closet space is a determining factor of how much of your OOTDs (or how much more) can fit in your unit. Also, it can either help you pick your outfits faster or slower. So, you should be smart about it.

Here are 5 things to consider before you hit the furniture store for your next wardrobe.

1 Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle: do you love dressing up or you’re fine with a few pieces to mix and match? Do you always go to parties or functions? Or are you the person who’s casual and athletic?

Your articles of clothing depend highly on your lifestyle, so does your wardrobe. If you have more dressy clothes, you might need a wardrobe with more hanging space. If you’re the opposite who wears more shirts and other foldable clothes, then you need more shelving space. If you’re both, then you need to buy one that has both hanging and shelving space.

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2 Size

There are things to measure before you go buy your wardrobe: your unit’s available floor space, the wardrobe’s dimensions, and the clearance from the ceiling, the wall, and the neighboring furniture pieces.

For small units, it is advisable to go vertical to maximize your floor area. Aside from the height and width of the wardrobe, take note of the depth as well for it will determine how much of your clothes will fit in it. As for the clearance, allow 1 to 4 centimeters of space to avoid direct contact with your walls which may damage your wallpaper or paint.

For bigger units, you have more freedom in terms size, you can even have a decent-sized walk-in closet.

3 Budget

Now that you have have the sizes, you can start plotting your budget for your wardrobe. How much are you willing to pay for your clothes’ storage? Brand new and custom-made wardrobes would cost you more, but you’ll get a wardrobe that will be uniquely yours. If you’re tight on budget, you can ask your mom or your grandmother to just hand you down their wardrobes or, go thrift shopping instead!

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4 Style

Here’s the tricky part: choosing the right design or style for your closet space. This will depend on the existing design style of your unit—modern, shabby chic, industrial, rustic, eclectic, etc. Aside from the design style, you must also consider whether you want a fully fitted or free-standing (this will also depend on the space available in your condo); a single-door, multi-door, or no doors at all; or, a sliding or a swing-door wardrobe.

5 Material

Lastly, consider the material of the closet you want. Do you want wood? There are a variety of wood wardrobes; there are teak, pine, narra, oak, walnut to name a few. However, wood attracts termites so you can opt for synthetic or plastic material or a combination of glass and metal or glass and wood.


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