This Young Family’s 190-sqm Classic-Eclectic Condo in BGC is a Museum of Their Mementos

“I realized that the stuff we collected tell the story of our lives,” shares Rina, an events and interior stylist, a wife to Patrick Santos and a mother to Jacobo. Rina’s initial vision for their home was to make it completely classic, but they deviated from that idea when they brought out mementos and trinkets they have collected from their adventures. The result is this 190-sqm classic-eclectic storied unit in Bonifacio Global City designed by Hannah Acab-Faustino.

Their home is dubbed as the “rabbit hole,” a perfect reflection of their spirited personalities and shared memories. “I wanted it to be completely classic, but Pat told me, ‘don’t be pretentious, that’s not your personality.’ Which was true,” shares Rina.

The dining area is brought to life through the use of mixed shapes, textures, and soft and hard finishes. Bright green pothos plants from Pat’s mom adds a pop of vibrance to the space to make it more inviting. Hannah separated the dining area from the living area with a custom shelving unit she designed. In the living room, Rina’s gift for mixing prints and patterns is evident.

Throughout the unit are various design elements that pay homage to Patrick and Rina’s individual passions. The couple also shares that they have used all of their wedding gifts in the unit and that they have inherited furniture pieces and accessories from their grandmothers as well.

Pat’s photos on architecture, landscapes, and details from the different places the couple travelled to hang on the brick wall in the hallway leading to the study, kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Working with a neutral backdrop of blacks, whites, and grays, the couple and interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino, transformed the three-bedroom unit into a classic-eclectic space. “We used a lot of whites, grays, and neutral colors so if they want to change the theme or the look in the future, it would be easier to do so,” says Hannah.

In the study, the his and hers study chairs are painted in bright green as picked up from the painting that hangs in the dining area.

While Rina admits to always wanting to buy stuff to add to the unit, the couple’s favorite new addition to the home is their baby boy, Jacobo. “The nursery was really my project, proudly says Rina. Initially a guest bedroom, it has since been transformed into Jacobo’s own space. Moose, deer and fox accents add a whimsical charm to the nursery. The rattan rocking chair from E. Murio balances out the dark armchair across the room.

Beside the nursery is the masters bedroom. Above the bed are three milestones prints that represent Patrick and Rina. “On the left is a photo in Central Park from our first trip together to New York, ’24’ is our wedding anniversary, and on the right is the High Line where we got engaged,” Rina gushes.

With Jacobo in the picture, the rabbit hole is sure to find itself in a state of gradual transformation. We are definite that this trio is going to create new memories together in and outside of their home, which means more mementos and trinkets for this classic-eclectic unit.


This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol. 10 No. 5 2015. Edits were made for


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